Pro Tools 201

cursos pro tools 201Pro Tools Production Essentials covers the core concepts and skills needed to operate a Avid Pro Tools|HD system in a professional studio environment.



. Topics

* Introducing Pro Tools|HD — Component parts of an HD system, HD technology, the 48- bit mixer
* Customizing Pro Tools — Optimizing the system, I/O setup, preferences * Session configuration and navigation — voice allocation, disk allocation, auto scrolling to tracks
* Session management — DigiBase browsers, locating and relinking missing files
* Selection techniques — Creating timeline and edit selections, nudging and shifting, auditioning * Editing — Alternate tools, auto fades, advanced nudging techniques * Automation — HD automation modes, using AutoMatch, automating plug-ins
* Mixing with Pro Tools|HD — Solo modes, VCA Master tracks, in-depth plug-in usage, DSP-induced delays
* Finishing the session — Creating a final mixdown, using PhaseScope

Software Configuration
* Pro Tools HD
* Dynamics III
* Time Adjuster
* D-Fi™
* ReVibe™
* Reverb One™
* Smack!™
* Maxim™
* SignalTools PhaseScope
* Reel Tape Suite
* MP3 Option